We,REHAt hope that Rehabilitation,Hess Tourism bring you back into health and happy and rich dailylife. Our mission is to realize high-quality, safe, secure, and enjoyable tourism. We offer carefully selected accommodations so that you and your family can maintain and refresh your health. We hope you our service bring you get back into health and rich life in mind, body and spirit to you.


~ Background of the founding of rehabilitation and health tourism ~ I was able to find a problem on rehabilitation from my own experience (right hemiplegia, certified as requiring long-term care 3). It is a service that allows you to maintain and refresh the health of yourself and your family. First of all, we made a service to return to work from one’s own wheelchair life and to the golf round as a rehabilitation trip. The service we should aim for in the future is “lifestyle tourism”. We are promoting the creation of rehabilitation / health tourism, sports tourism, and culture tourism. In collaboration with our business partners, we would like to offer the best personal health service and maximize the lifetime value.


● Oue thought to the logo “REHAt” Grab infinite happiness with widespread rehabilitation and health tourism!


● CSV (Creating Shared Value) Donated rehabilitation refugees from Asian countries to save as many as possible We will continue to create social value by providing rehabilitation tourism.



company name REHA tourism Co. Ltd.
Date of establishment August 2020
Capital 8,800,000 yen
Representative Director Hideki Nakata
Head Office tokyo Office:21-6, 3-chome, Sen-ku, Tokyo 146-0083
  • International Sales Office:2-9-3 Mishuku, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0005
  • Kansai Office: 75-2 Hamurocho, Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture 569-1147
URL https://www.rehat.net
Main business contents
  • ・ Planning and development work for rehabilitation and health tourism
  • ・ Providing rehabilitation and healthcare services using the Internet, etc.
  • ・ Tourist information, accommodation facilities, tourist facility information, lifestyle tourism information service
  • ・ Planning / production, rental, sales and consulting business of events / goods related to culture / sports business
Major business partners ・ Tokyo Masters Co., Ltd. (Travel agency) ・ Ocean Club (Craftman Golf Shop) ・ Taiheiyo Club (Golf Course / Lesson Pro) ・ BCC Co. Ltd. (healthcare support business) ・ DeNA Life Science Co. Ltd. ・ VELTRA Corporation
Supervisor Wise Co., Ltd. (Cerebral infarction rehabilitation center)
Affiliated hotels ・ MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS (AJ InterBridge Inc.) ・ The Okura Tokyo ・ RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka
Member organization ・ NPO Japan Health Tourism Promotion Organization ・ NPO Japan Travel Helper Association ・ Nippon Foundation DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS ・ Japan Shogi Association Shogi World Individual Member ・ NPO Small Astronomers Association